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08-08-2012 Proceedings of the Meeting with Presidents of District Kisan Clubs at Panchkula. English
30-06-2012 Meeting with Haryana Progressive 6pm Coupon CodeDairy farmers Association (PDFA), Karnal English
17-05-2011 Meeting of Haryana Kisan Ayog with the Farmers of Kisan Club of Mewat District English
07-05-2011 Proceedings of the meeting with the Women Farmers with Expert Group on Draft Agriculture Policy English
03-04-2011 Meeting of the Working Group on Haryana State Agriculture Policy with Progressive Farmers English
28-02-2011 Meeting With Gurgaon Division Farmers English
22-01-2011 Meeting With Rohtak Division Farmers English
05-12-2010 Meeting With Ambala Division Farmers English
08-11-2010 Meeting With Hisar Division Farmers English
08-10-2010 Meeting of Honorable Chairman With Farmers of Selected Districts of Haryana English
07-10-2010 Meeting of Honorable Chairman With Progressive Dairy Farmers English
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