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Approved Working Groups of Haryana Kisan Ayog:

I. Working Group on Draft Agricultural Policy for Haryana.
II. Working Group on Development of Animal Husbandry in Haryana
III. Working Group on Natural Resource Management for Haryana
IV. Working Group on Fisheries Development in Haryana
V. Working Group on Horticulture for Haryana
VI. Working Group on Protected Cultivation for Haryana
VII. Working Group on Conservation Agriculture for Haryana
VIII. Working Group on Rainfed Area Development in Haryana
IX. Working Group on Productivity Enhancement of Crops in Haryana
X. Working Group on Linking Farmers to Market in Haryana
XI. Working Group on Post Harvest Technology and Value Addition for Haryana
XII. Working Group on Promotion of Honeybee Keeping in Haryana
XIII. Working Group on Agricultural Extension in Haryana
XIV. Working Group on Promotion of Peri-Urban Agriculture in Haryana
XV. Working Group on Animal Nutrition Pertaining to Milk Cattle and Buffaloes in Haryana
XVI. Working Group on Promotion of Organic Farming in Haryana
XVII. Working Group on Promotion of Mushroom Cultivation in Haryana
XVIII. Working Group on Promotion of Agri-Business and Food Processing Industries in Haryana
XIX. Working Group on Promotion of Straw Management in Haryana
XX. Working Group on Promotion of Maize Cultivation in Haryana

Proposed Working Groups of Haryana Kisan Ayog:
I. GIS and Land Use Planning for Crop Diversification (including Horticulture).
II. Input Use and Supply (Seed, Bio-Fertilizers, Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides, Pesticides).
III. Empowerment of Youth and Women in Agriculture.
IV. Improving Agricultural Advisory and Input Delivery Services.
V. Reorientation of Agricultural Research and Education with emphasis on improving productivity of major crops (wheat, rice, cotton, bajra, rapeseed and mustard, maize, sugarcane, etc.)
VI. Agricultural Credit, Cooperation and Crop Insurance.
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