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        The last quarter ending June, 2015 saw unprecedented damage to wheat and mustard crops due to untimely rains and hailstorms. The State Government promptly responded to the crisis and provided highest and quickest ever compensation to the farmers. However, the misery of the farmers does not seem to be coming to an end. This time it is whitefly that has created a crisis for the cotton farmers. It has appeared in an epidemic form causing extensive damage to the crop. Cotton was sown in an area of 5.83 lakh hectare in the State, Sirsa, Fatehabad, Hisar, Bhiwani and Jind being the major cotton growing districts. Almost the entire cotton belt has experienced damage to cotton crop due to attack of whitefly. It is a small insect that multiplies rapidly. The insect sucks plant sap from underside of leaves. Its excreta damages leaves and adversely impacts photosyn­thesis. The weather this year, with scanty rains, was conducive for its growth. Although the Agri-culture Department launched a massive campaign to educate farmers on the methods to deal with the problem, however despite this the damage to the standing cotton crop couldn't be contained. The State Govt. is concerned at the plight of the cotton growers and has announced to provide compensation to the affected farmers. A special Girdawari has already been started in the cotton growing districts. In view of complaints relating to disbursement of crop compensation Calamity Relief during Rabi season 2014-15, the proce­dure for carrying out Girdawari has been made more transparent. It will be done in two phases. First, by satellite mapping and then through verification on site of situation by a team consist­ing of the local Patwari, ADO, Sarpanch and Lamberdar. Damage due to whitefly is widespread in the entire cotton belt in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. Shri O. P. Dhankar, Agriculture Minister, Haryana, took an initiative and invited team from Punjab Govt. headed by Agriculture Minister, Punjab, Shri Tota Singh. After due deliberations, Haryana and Punjab have jointly constituted a high level committee, comprising of Vice-Chancellors of CCS HAU, Hisar and PAU, Ludhiana, Directors of Research of CCS HAU, Hisar and PAU, Ludhiana and Director of the ICAR Cotton Research Centre, Sirsa. The Committee will make an in depth study of various aspects relating to pest attack of whitefly and Consequent damage to Cotton, Guar and Bajra crops in both the States and submit its report making recommendations to deal with the problem in future. The silver lining in the backdrop of this problem is the success story of Jind farmers. The Haryana Kisan Ayog has been supporting the initiative taken by Late Dr. Surender Dalal, ADO at Nidani. This year when the entire cotton belt is suffering under the attack of whitefly, the farmers of about 30 villages in Jind who joined the campaign, "Know insects before killing them" are a happy lot. Their cotton crop remained comparatively free from attack of whitefly without using any pesticide. I request the Research Institutes and the high powered committee to visit these villages to learn from their noble experiment. There have also been reports of loss to Guar and Bajra crops by whitefly. The Government has ordered special Girdawari of these crops as well. Further, the Government has started procurement of paddy a week earlier than scheduled to facilitate purchase of early maturing varieties. The State Govt. has also provided relief to PUSA 1509 Basmati growers by allowing its purchase at MSP alongwith PR varieties as its prices were ruling below Rs. 1400 per quintal. To provide remunerative prices to Bajra growing farmers, the State procurement agencies have been directed to procure it at MSP of Rs. 1275 per quintal during the ongoing Kharif Marketing Season.

(Dhanpat Singh, IAS)

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