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        Haryana has made rapid strides in agriculture since its inception in 1966. However, during this economic changeover in rural areas, several challenges have emerged before the farmers in the State. Major amongst them are: 1) Micro and macro-management of natural resources; 2) Revamping of technology inflow and adoption; 3) Post harvest management; 4) Up-scaling and out-scaling of farm innovations and 5) Linking farmers with markets. The State Government was looking for scientific and management solutions to these problems. Therefore, Government established Haryana Kisan Ayog under the Chairmanship of Dr. R. S. Paroda, an internationally acclaimed scientist and Ex-Secretary DARE, Government of India and Former DG, ICAR and entrusted him to prepare study based reports and suggest solutions. He provided outstanding leadership in preparation of eleven precious reports including drafting the Agriculture Policy of the State. The recommendations of the Ayog need to be implemented in letter and spirit, which would help the farmers in facing the challenges before them. After the change of Government in the State, Haryana is fortunate enough to have Shri Om Prakash Dhankar, as Hon'ble Agriculture Minister who has in-depth knowledge of farmers' problems. He has consistently devoted himself for the last over two decades for the welfare of farmers. In his view, agriculture is facing several challenges including declining farm income. He opined that the solutions for the current challenges can be brought out by making State Agriculture a technology driven occupation. Obviously, this will need quality research and timely transfer of technology to the farmers. He is also of the view that the State agriculture must be competitive at global level and also there should be workable links between both producers and the consumers as it will benefit farmers, majority of them are small farm holders and also the consumers, who need to access food at affordable price. Haryana is ideally suited for the promotion of peri-urban farming/ horticulture, inland fishery, poultry farming, dairying etc. and therefore, Hon'ble minister is giving special emphasis on these areas. Besides, Haryana has adopted National Food Security Act, 2013 which has provision to supply subsidized food to BPL and APL categories of the population. To fulfill the food demand under this Act, and also to address concerns of the Hon'ble Agriculture Minister, more well-studied reports will have to be prepared by the Haryana Kisan Ayog to help the Government in preparation and setting of agenda for agricultural research and development. During interface with farmers, Haryana Kisan Ayog has also come across several farmers including women farmers who are innovators. Their innovative approaches have given them recognition. Such farmers have to be supported for up-scaling and out-scaling of their innovations. The ‘Innovation Fund’ and ‘Research Fund’ approved by the Government will certainly help them in accelerating their innovative approach, addressing their problems and entrepreneurship development. The Ayog is of the view that it is high time to get these farmers in the ambit of research and development planning. Obviously, a strong research and development framework can help in making the State agriculture sector a globally competitive venture.


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Buffalo Mela and exhibition will be held on March 18, 2015 at CIRB, Hisar.

'Agri Leadership Summit-2015' will be held on 13-15 March, 2015 at Leisure Valley, Sector-29, Gurgaon.

State Level seminar on Crop Insurance Schemes in Haryana (Interactive Session of CM with Farmers)held on 24 feb,2015 at Kisan Niwas, Chandigarh.

Interaction Meeting with Honey Bee Keepers will be held on 16 January,2015 at HTI, Karnal.

Working Group Meeting of Honey Bee Keeping held on 29 Dec,2014.

Meeting with Expert Group from JIRCAS on 17 Dec.,2014 at Head Office of HKA.

Experts Meeting on Working Group of Post Harvest Technology and Value Addition held on 11-12 December, 2014 at HKA Head Office,Anaj Mandi, Sector 20, Panchkula.

Dr. R. S. Paroda submitted resignation from the chairmanship of HKA


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