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        As Chairman of Haryana Kisan Ayog, the last quarter has been quite satisfying, because of some important pro-farmer policy decisions. On the pattern of Government of India, the State Government has renamed Agriculture Department as Agriculture and Farmer's Welfare Depart-ment. Although, it is just a change in the name, it signifies a change in focus. We all know now Agriculture has developed. Agricultural productivity has increased manifold, in some crops more than ten times, since the formation of Haryana State. But unfortunately, the lot of farmers did not develop in the same proportion. Returns in agriculture per rupee of investment have rather diminished. The Government is aware of the problem and has shifted its focus from Agriculture development to Agriculture Development and Farmers' Welfare, which is a welcome step. The Prime Minister of India has given a call to all stakeholders to double the income of farmers by 2022. The Government of India is seriously working on this target with the help of State Governments. It is reflected in the budgetary outlay of the Governments. All departments concerned are preparing strategy to achieve this target which will definitely benefit the farmers. The last quarter also witnessed launching of the, “Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna”. This is a historical scheme for the welfare of farmers. Agriculture is always at the mercy of weather. This scheme provides an assurance to face losses due to the vageries of nature. The main objective of this new crop insurance scheme are to provide a risk cover and financial support to the farmers of the Country in case of natural hazards, to stablize the farm income and to ensure flow of credit to the agriculture sector. In this scheme, the farmers’ share of premium will be 2 % of the actual sum assured amount for Kharif Crops, 1.5 % for the Rabi Crops and 5 % for the horticultural and commercial crops. The sum assured amount will be based on the cost of cultivation. The State Government has notified all details of the scheme for the Kharif, 2016 and Rabi, 2016-17 seasons. The crops covered under the scheme during kharif, 2016 include cotton, paddy, bajra and maize and those for the Rabi, 2016-17 include wheat, barley, mustard and gram. I appeal to the farmers to take maximum advantage of this scheme with whole hearted participation. As announced in the national budget for 2016-17, the Government of India has introduced the 0.5 per cent Krishi Kalyan Cess on all taxable services. This Cess has been implemented with effect from June 1, 2016. Proceeds of the Cess are to be used for improvement of agriculture sector and farmers welfare. Establishment of this fund will have a far reaching impact on the farmers in the long run, as this will give the much needed financial boost to agriculture and activities for farmers' welfare.

(Varinder Singh Kundu, IAS)

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