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India is blessed with thousands of tiny rivulets to seasonal and perennial mighty rivers emerging from great Himalayas, central peninsula, mountainous southern-east-west Ghats and streaming across length and breadth on its vast land providing life to the relentlessly growing populace, quenching the thirst and fulfilling other agricultural, industrial and household needs. In spite of this, however due to the severe deterioration of our environment resulting climate change as global warming, the uncertain pattern particularly of the monsoon rains causing acute scarcity of water has posed serious challenge before the country. We all have to realize that 'Jal hi Jiwan hai', and make judicious use of water to ensure its availability in future times. The overuse and over exploitation of both above and underground water have brought us to the level of non-rejuvenation depletion. Polluting of water bodies like flowing rivers, underground sources, wells, pounds, lakes, and speedily shaping larger urbanities have further aggravated the problem. As a collective responsibility, industries, farmers, dwellers and policy planners have to make immediate and sustainable remedial measures to conserve the available water by all possible means. Since, out of only 3% fresh water present on earth 70% is utilized in agricultural activities only 0.2% is used for drinking and other purposes, going in soil recharging and run off. Therefore more focus is required for its better and optimum utilization being the most precious gift of nature given for sustaining life on earth. In households we need to inculcate the habit of turning off the taps while brushing teeth, washing hands, dishes,clothes and bathing; fixing the open and dripping taps, installing low pressure flushes, mopping after sweeping and erecting roof-top rainwater harvesting system for groundwater recharging or saving and storing rain water in areas of scanty to high rainfall where each and every drop of water contributes to conservation. Besides this, the recycling of sewage and industrial polluted water is needed for reuse in toilet flushing, irrigating road side tree lines and parks to reduce burden on clean water. On agricultural front with technological interventions like sprinkler-, drip-, micro- and fogger irrigation, underground pipelining to carry water in the fields for irrigation, breaking the paddy-wheat cropping rotation, crop diversification, growing low water requiring, short duration and high yielding varieties of crops for judicious utilization. Besides this conservation and saving of every drop of available irrigation water for raising crops is a need of the hour. Stopping of excessive and flood irrigation along with complete ban on over extraction and utilization of underground water must be ensured for future survival. There is also a need to revive the traditional wells, bore-wells for recharging in villages, ponds, small to medium check dams, efficient water flow in canals, distributaries, controlling seepage of canals, avoiding burning of crop residues and stubbles, planting of trees, saving of the forest and the environment to check rise in the temperature and global warming for regular, sustained and uniform distribution of monsoon rains throughout the country to ensure better future life on this beautiful planet having concern that 'Jal hai to Kal hai '. At larger level government need to plan and erect dams, make grid of rivers to divert and conserve the excessive rain water on larger scale as 'Jal Shakti' in real sense as termed by the Hon'ble Prime Minister.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Yadava
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