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        Haryana is a land of hard working, dedicated and energetic rural youth. This work force is an indispensable asset to our agriculture. Youth have shown enormous capabilities for achieving apparently difficult tasks in agriculture at several occasions and that helped in adoption of higher level of advanced technologies in State agriculture. With the backup of State policies and infrastructural support, it culminated into agricultural revolution in the State. Presently, the rural youth is fighting against another bigger challenge posed due to reduction in size of holdings. About 65% of the total farming families have small/marginal size of farms. Average farm size in Haryana is 2.25 ha and it is becoming smaller and smaller day by day leading to low farm income. Enhancing the farm income is a challenge not only before farmers but also before the planners and scientists. Suggestions have been given for application of science & technology and also making agriculture sector dynamic by promoting cooperatives, self-help groups and establishment of a strong services sector in rural areas to harness the potential in the production, value addition, storage, packaging and marketing. However, the youth including women will have to be motivated and trained to cope up with the near scenario. I will urge upon the extension and training agencies to reorganize their programs keeping emergent issues in view. It is highly appreciable that the state department of Agriculture is running Farm Schools very successfully in many districts of the State thereby helping in spreading economically viable technologies. However there is need to strengthen these Schools through enriching knowledge of master trainers and Agriculture Development Officers and other field staff. Infact, the focus of Haryana government is to make agriculture more attractive and rewarding to the rural youth. It is expected that over next two decades the agriculture sector in India will undergo significant transformation. Therefore, we must create a knowledge based work-force to drive future agriculture. There will be much greater opportunities for strengthening agriculture along with the services sector in rural areas. Accordingly the government has placed its emphasis on “Empowerment of Youth in Agriculture” that will help in boosting agricultural growth and also in earning more income from both farm and off-farm enterprises. I was also highly impressed to see the display of new ideas and innovations by the farmers during “Agri Leadership Summit-2015” organized by the Government of Haryana at Gurgaon on March 13-15, 2015. The farmers have come out with new ideas and innovations to tackle emerging challenges in the area of natural resource & bio-waste management, linking with market, processing and storage, horticulture, dairying, animal husbandry, etc. It was also heartening to see that the farmers have started “branding” their products. It shows the increasing awareness among the farmers about quality, market demand and intellectual property issues. I request the concerned departments / organisations, Universities and Institutes to help farmers in promoting farmers' innovations and ideas. Further, it was also clear from the displays that agriculture/horticulture need to be made “technology driven” and not continue to be at the mercy of the monsoon or varieties of weather. The scientists will have to develop crop varieties which respond to “Per Drop More Crop”. I am sure that scientists will respond to this need and come out with economically viable and technically feasible technologies to meet with the future challenges in agriculture.

(Dhanpat Singh, IAS)

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Dr. R. S. Paroda submitted resignation from the chairmanship of HKA


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